House Pixel Games is an independent studio of developers who create memorable gaming experiences by combining the spirit of indie games with a touch of AAA production. We are dedicated to crafting games that friends and families can conveniently enjoy together and that forge unforgettable moments for our players.



We take pride in creating experiences that gamers love. And we take pride in creating an environment that talented artists, programmers and designers love. We are in this business for the long haul, and taking care of our team is essential for developing all the amazing games in our future.

Focused Work

All of us at House Pixel are totally immersed in making games that are inviting, delighting and exciting. We put in 40 hours a week of intense focused work, so we can enjoy nights and weekends to ourselves (which usually includes a lot of, you guessed it, gaming).

Shared Values

We are a diverse group that brings valuable creative tension to every project. But we don’t let our differences divide us or distract from one common goal: creating games players love. Any personal beliefs that could get in the way of that objective are left at the door. We respect each other – and gaming – too much to let anything get in our way.


When we make decisions, large or small, we choose the course of action consistent with our goals and values. To do that, we think through problems objectively. We don’t get caught up in emotions and wishful thinking. Following a clear path to a clear objective is always our objective.

These are things we strive to live up to every day. And every member of our team has a vital hand in nurturing this culture.




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